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IAT 313 – No Shame About HIV+
May 27, 2017|Uncategorized

IAT 313 – No Shame About HIV+



IAT313 Sum 2017 – Instructor: Michael Filimowicz

Student: Joshua Nicolas

Title: No Shame About HIV+

Type of Narrative: Multi-linear Narrative Story

Type of Medium: Soundscape Website Page

Length: Around 5 minutes

Genre: Non-Fiction, Documentary

Description: No Shame About HIV+ is an interactive soundscape website experience that will share the story of members of the LGBTQ community who lives with HIV. The theme of the story is to communicate to people who don’t really understand the stigma behind HIV. People who get diagnosed with HIV are burdened with fear, shame and anxiety from carrying the deadliest sexually transmitted infection in the world. A lot of the information that people carry is sometimes miss judged and not true. The main intention behind the Soundscape experience is the message about the HIV stigma and discrimination it carries. It is essential that the message about the risk of HIV be accurate and meaningful for the people who don’t really know much about it. Since the beginning of the HIV Crisis in the eighties there had been a lot of stigma and fear, hopefully the website will take the fear out of the HIV stigma and open the minds of the users and think about the people who are living with HIV. There will be a script that the narrators will tell their stories. The script will be written and finalize about a series of rewrites and will decide whether or not the script will be the same for each narrator or different. In the end the goals of the interactive soundscape website experience: to reduce the transmission of HIV by educating about prevention, to reduce the stigma and discrimination faced by HIV+ people, and to empower not just men but everyone to discuss sexual health openly without shame or embarrassment.

Interactive: No Shame About HIV+ is an interactive soundscape website experience that will incorporate interactivity with stimulus and response. The stimulus will be as simple as clicking a picture or a highlighted text then the user will hear a narrator talking about their story. There will be different narrators that will tell the story and each convey different sense and immerse the listener to a different world when played. The user will click on a particular narrator, click a HIV status and click on an emotion to hear what the narrator will sound like. Each audio file will be edited to sync seamlessly with each other. The user can switch between narrators at any point in the story. The edited narrative parts provide a different perspective for the users each time played. Based on what the user wants to listen to will determine their response. The users will hopefully understand and learn about the people living with HIV and open their minds, think twice about the HIV stigma and discrimination.

The photo below shows a general idea of the Interactive Soundscape Website and the interactive choices the user can make to immerse with the story shared by the different narrators.

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